KUO+ The foldable Gold Standard

Introducing the A2B Kuo+ electric bicycle

The lean towards electric bicycles by many local cyclists as the go-to commuter has been ongoing for some time now. SPIN Asia had the opportunity to take possession of both black and white Kuo+ bikes for a week of riding, courtesy of MKP Bikes, the official distributor of LTA-approved electric bicycle.

After a week of scooting down city roads and suburban corridors on our way to work, here’s our roundup of the four key essentials that distinguishes the Kuo+ from the rest of the electric-bicycles.


Design and Build Quality

A lot of thought has been put into the designing of the Kuo+. Looking very purposeful and minimalistic in its black or white-painted thick alloy frame, the Kuo+ is a bike that is sure to match any executive wear or dress to work. Its clean cable layout and integrated rack equally enhances the Kuo+ as a classy city commuter or premium electric bicycle for leisure riding. The Kuo+ chassis is also the lightest in the A2B range of bicycles, and at slightly less than 20kg, the Kuo+ can be easily hoisted into car boots for transportation or carried along the rest of the journey onboard trains or buses.

Folding the Kuo+ plus is a breeze and with practice one could easily get it into folded position in less than half a minute. We were delighted to discover lockable quick release hinges at the folding points, providing another layer of security and assurance that the bike will not become unhinged while pedaling or in electric drive mode.

The bike’s compact foldable size is an added advantage, as we could easily fit two Kuo+ foldies onto a car’s rear seats if necessary. The Kuo+ remains firmly locked in folded position through the innovative use of magnetic discs securing the front to the rear wheels.


Powering Up on the Go

If its fun you’re looking for in an electric bicycle, the Kuo+ comes up to the top of our list. Starting off from a dead stop is very assuring and the electric-powered ‘kick’ in acceleration is a joy to experience every time we move off on the bike.

It takes less than 1/4 rotations from a dead stop before the pedal assist sensor senses a start and you can feel the motor kick in strongly but smoothly. There was hardly a jerk reaction on the cranks as we transitioned from leg power to motorised pedal power. The Kuo+ uses a speed sensor to gauge pedal action and this translates to quicker and smoother motor assists.


The Kuo+ is an evolution from an already well-proven motor design found on its predecessor Kuo model. Featuring a larger 250-watt motor and battery, not only is the motor stronger, but it is considerably smoother with a fluid pedal assist feature.

Supporting a stronger motor is a new upgraded and removable Lithium-ion battery in the Kuo+ that offers 36 volts of power which takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach complete charge. The battery can be charged on or off the bike, adding to its versatility and convenience as both an urban commuter and leisure-based electric bicycle. Mounted just behind the seat tube and between the seat stays, the battery can be locked in position with a key.


Having a removable battery is another benefit of the Kuo+, as it enhances safekeeping storage and spare battery options. To us the battery is well positioned on the frame as it is kept low and centralised, thus adding more stability to the bicycle due to lower weight distribution.

Switching on the motor and selecting the motor functions is a small monochrome LCD display with buttons attached to the left side of the handlebar. Readouts are typically riding speed, traveled distance, and battery charge levels. The pedal assist is also adjustable from off to five pre-set levels. As the LCD screen is pretty small, it will require a few rides for owners to get used to toggling between the functions on the go.


Cool and Functional Components

The Kuo+ is well-decked with components such as Tektro v-Brakes, Electrical Cut-off (activated
when brake is depressed), custom-designed rear rack, fenders, LED headlight and rear light, and a
comfortable plush Velo saddle. All components are painted or anodised black complementing the clean
professional look of the bike.

Accessories that you’ll normally go hunting for after getting your hands on a new bicycle are present
on the Kuo+ too, such as an expensive-looking adjustable kickstand and a warning bell located on
the right side of the handlebar.

The Kuo+ shifts on reliable and durable Shimano Acera 7-speed components and rolls on 20-inch Kenda Kourier tyres with K-Shield Puncture Resistant technology.


The Sweet Smooth Ride

So we come down to the final gauntlet. How does the Kuo+ ride and operate? In our book, the Kuo+
is a sweet-looking electric bicycle to ride and own.

Designed as the perfect do-it-all city commuter, the Kuo+ gives an assured riding feel in any urban situation.

A truly unique electric bicycle in a cool way, the Kuo+ can be easily stored away out of sight when not in
use, or effortlessly snapped into a stable electric bicycle that can carry you to just about anywhere in
Singapore without breaking a sweat.

Stop looking for the gold standard in electric bicycles – The Kuo+ has arrived.

KUO+, the foldable Gold Standard.



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