About Us

Since our conception in 2008, SPIN ASIA has had a gruelling climb up to be Singapore’s premier cycling publication. From covering intense road cycling events and thrilling downhill races to testing out $15,000 bikes and marvelling at the most innovative folding bikes to date, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the revolutionary in the cycling world. And there’s just so much more out there to see, experience, and of course, ride.

With our team of passionate cyclists and technical consultants, we strive to serve as a comprehensive and reliable bicycle resource on the Internet. If you’re looking a fledgling cyclist looking for a buyer’s guide, or a veteran looking to compare different bikes’ performance, we plan to complement our magazine’s database with this website, built with exclusive features for your eyes only.

Also within this website is an extensive archive of all our feature articles and training guides for all you hungry for knowledge on the sport and enhancing your performance. What we would like to achieve is to share with you everything that we come across in this exciting sport, industry and way of life. We hope that all of you love cycling as much as we do, and all that we want is for all of you cycling enthusiasts to come along with us for the ride.